Ella was less than a year old when I noticed something wasn’t right. She was recovering from yet another ear infection and it seemed like they came back before her course of antibiotics was even finished. At this particular visit, the doctor had recommended having her ears fitted with tubes to prevent these recurrent infections from happening. I knew as I picked up yet another prescription from the pharmacist that this would inevitably be another sleepless night for me, and as much as the sleep deprivation was getting to me, the worst part was knowing that my baby girl was in pain, yet again! I felt like I was doing something wrong! Fast forward a little and the ear infections became chest infections, bronchitis, pneumonia even! I was at a loss!

Around this time, my mother went to a wellness expo where she met a chiropractor and discussed Ella’s issues with him. She told me that he had explained how many ailments can stem from misalignment in the spine, especially in children who had experienced “traumatic” births. Ella had definitely experienced that. I had laboured for almost 4 days before an emergency c-section took place. The doctor had tried forceps with no luck and there was no other option than to rush me to the O.R and bring her out (she has always been so stubborn, but that’s another story!)

I decided that I really had nothing to lose at this point and so I packed up my almost 18-month-old daughter and took her for an appointment with a chiropractor in Kitchener. After her initial appointment he explained to me the issues that she had with her spine and how he could perform gentle adjustments to her with an instrument (activator) that would be able to help relieve her of these chronic infections she was having. I, of course, was skeptical, but just the right amount of desperate to try it! At her first adjustment she cried and I felt like maybe this wasn’t the right course of action, but when we got into the car, she promptly fell asleep and didn’t wake up for almost two hours!

As the treatments progressed she started to have more regular bowel movements, better sleep, and the best part of all…no more ear infections. She continued care for about a year and flourished. Around the age of 4 the problems started to come back, but at this time, I was a single mother, so I felt like treatment was not something that I could budget for. Unfortunately, I failed to see that it should have been viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury, but that time was too chaotic to see clearly. Ultimately, I moved in with my parents and was able to find work…in a chiropractic office! Being able to have Ella regularly treated got her back on track so quickly, it was incredible to see it for the second time. She had more mental clarity, a better immune system, everything just seemed to fall back into place.

The adjustments were so gentle (again, using the activator technique) and she always looked forward to her visits. I guess the chiropractor looked forward to her visits too as he eventually became her step father! I know I’m now speaking as the wife of a chiropractor, but it really was a life saver for me as a mother (who wants to be up with sick kids all the time?) but most importantly for my kids. Now that Spenser and I have 2 more children, I see the difference. Ezra (2) and Eden (1) have been adjusted FROM BIRTH! They have far better immune systems and have been more content since birth. I know chiropractic and children can sound scary, we all have the images of “old school” chiropractic treatments, people being “twisted” and “cracked” in every direction. But Spenser has shaped his career around being the exact opposite of the chiropractic stereotype. It’s an adjustment that works for everyone and is tailored specifically to the individual and their needs. I am now so blessed to have three healthy children, and every time someone gets the sniffles or falls over, we know we are in good hands! If your child is suffering, I encourage you to book your kids in at our clinic and let us help you get to the root cause of their problem(s).

A Story of How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic. 1








Ella in the hospital around
6 months old. Another infection!

A Story of How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic. 2

Ella after she started getting adjusted
around the age of 18 months!

A Story of How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic. 3

Ella now, age 9.

A Story of How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic. 4

Ezra’s first adjustment, in the

A Story of How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic. 5

Eden’s first adjustment in the