brantford chiropractorAre you nervous about seeing a Chiropractor?  Have you had previous Chiropractic care, but found it to be uncomfortable? Rest assured that at Brant Wellness and Rehab, our Chiropractor will deliver safe and effective adjustments that do not involve any twisting or cracking.

Dr. Spenser uses an Arthrostim ® in place of traditional chiropractic adjustments . He uses his  hands to determine where to adjust your spine and the Arthrostim ® to deliver the adjustment.  Not only is this method of adjusting gentle, but it is also very accurate.

People who respond well to Arthrostim ® adjustments include:

  1. Patients who do not like the “cracking” sensation of a traditional adjustment
  2. Patients experiencing a lot of pain
  3. Elderly patients
  4. Children
brantford chiropractor
brantford chiropractor