Massage Therapy For ADHD?

Can Massage Therapy help children with ADHD?

Brant Wellness and Rehab is pioneering a study with our massage therapist Rachel Burford!

With more and more children being diagnosed with ADHD, parents are looking to natural treatments to help deal with the many and varied symptoms their children are experiencing. Some recent research has shown that massage therapy can be beneficial for children who are diagnosed with ADHD.

We are now accepting applications for a one-of-a-kind case study in which the successful candidates will receive COMPLIMENTARY massage therapy once a week for a period of 12 weeks.

Before applying for this exciting opportunity, please read through the following criteria and make sure that you are eligible:

  1. Your child must be in Grade 1-5.
  2. The child does NOT have to be medicated, but does have to be formally diagnosed with ADHD.
  3. The parent is responsible for informing their child’s medical doctor or psychiatrist of their participation in this study.
  4. The child can’t change their medication during the 12-week study, or the results may be skewed.
  5. The family must commit to a once-a-week, 20-minute treatment, before school on a Tuesday or Thursday morning.
  6. The child must have been on the same medication and dosage for at least a month prior to starting the study.
  7. The parent(s) and teacher will be asked to fill out a form at the beginning and end of the study (and possibly once during the study) so that we are able to adequately assess and measure the outcome of the treatments.
  8. The parent(s) must submit a letter with their application, outlining their child’s greatest struggles and giving us some history of the child and their diagnosis.
  9. The family must be able to start this study from the 3rd week of January 2019.
  10. Applications must be submitted by email to and must be received no later than Friday November 16th, 2018.

The things we will be tracking include, but are not limited to,

  1. Sleep (duration and quality)
  2. Confrontational behaviour (frequency and intensity)
  3. Social behaviour (how they deal with other children, ability to deal with small group work or partnership work)
  4. Behaviour in a group
  5. The child’s ability to stay on task (how easily are the distracted from work)
  6. How the child feels about their own schooling
  7. Do they listen when asked to complete a task? (how often?)
  8. Is the child able to complete multi step tasks when asked?

Rachel first registered as an RMT in October 2011 after completing school at Everest College. She is the mother of two boys, one who has been diagnosed with ADHD, and is passionate about educating parents on how massage therapy can benefit their children!