Meet our AMAZING TEAM of health care professionals who can help you find a solution to your pain or problem. Whether you are young or old, athletic or looking to be active again, we can help! Our team can work together to help you get back to doing what you love!

Dr. Spenser Dougley DC, FR, FRCms


Dr. Spenser is the owner of Brant Wellness and Rehab and has been practicing Chiropractic for 7 years. In this time, he has enjoyed helping people of all ages discover a more active lifestyle, free from the constraints of pain.

He takes a gentle approach to chiropractic by using an instrument called an activator to deliver his adjustments. This approach requires no twisting or cracking. He also enjoys applying Functional Range Release techniques to address specific joint and muscle problems. He is fully trained in this technique, which helps, shoulder pain, neck problems, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, elbow dysfunction, knee issues and much more!

Dr. Spenser enjoys treating patients who have Sciatica, as his unique approach has yielded great results for many of his patients! He loves helping patients with pain management and helping them to avoid taking medication or having surgery.

When Dr. Spenser isn’t working, he enjoys being with his wife and three children, he also enjoys reading and playing guitar!

Pinjal Suthar, PT


Pinjal is the newest member of the Brant Wellness and Rehab team, but you will have seen his face around the office in the past. For the past two years, Pinjal has been our “go to” guy when we have needed physiotherapy cover. We have loved working with him for those short periods of cover and we are really excited to now have him here with us full-time and we hope you will help us to welcome him to the team as a permanent member!

Pinjal comes to us with four years of physiotherapy experience in Canada, and many more years of experience from his home country of India. He has a lot of experience treating a variety of different ages, from pediatric care, to the elderly and he enjoys each age group and the challenges that come with each patient.

He is able to offer acupuncture and cupping and we are excited to be able to add those to the list of physiotherapy treatments.

He treats:

  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Neurological conditions
  • Sport injuries
  • Post-concussion rehabilitation
  • Vestibular rehabilitation (balance, fall prevention, vertigo)

When Pinjal isn’t at work he lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter and enjoys making the most of his family time!

Karen Grsic RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Karen is one of the massage therapists at Brant Wellness and Rehab, and she has been with the team since the clinic opened. She brings with her 20 years of experience working in multi-disciplinary clinics and her wealth of knowledge is something that her patients truly appreciate!

Karen grew up North of Toronto and graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1998. Prior to that she attended York University for psychology.

Karen enjoys treating patients with complex medical issues as her experience teaching pathology (the study of diseases) allows her to understand more clearly where some of those issues may be coming from. She is also passionate about treating women during their pregnancies and she enjoys treating geriatric patients.

When Karen isn’t working she enjoys the outdoors and can often be found hiking or camping with her husband, Joe. She is a gifted musician and plays the drums and sings in several different bands in her free time!


Office Manager

Lanna joined the Brant Wellness and Rehab team in October 2016 and came to us with 35 years of experience as a Chiropractic Assistant, she was such an asset to our team when she started, as we had only been in business about 6 months. She had a wealth of knowledge for us and for the patients and we are very thankful for her experience!

Lanna loves everything about her job and it shows with her interactions with the patients. She loves greeting every patient and enjoys getting to know each person that comes through the clinic. She takes care of all the little details that help the practitioners and patients have a good experience and is always working hard to make things more efficient for everyone.

Outside of the office Lanna is a wife, mother and Grandmother and she enjoys spending time with family, friends and her “little fur baby” Minnie! She believes in a natural approach to health care and fully believes that, “if we look after our bodies, get proper rest and have a positive outlook on life, we can accomplish so much!” She loves being a part of the team at Brant Wellness and Rehab and we love having her!