Nutrition Coach - Brant Wellness & Rehab

The team at Brant Wellness and Rehab are now located inside the offices of Pathways To Hope and Brant Mental Health Solutions at 34 McMurray st, Brantford, N3R 4J1, please call 519-304-5007.

Nutrition Coach

Help influence lasting change as it relates to health, mind set and behaviours.


My goal is to empower the client to create new lifelong habits by investigating the psychology and root causes behind the issues they are facing that prevent change. I want to give you, the client, back their power back and motivate you to make your own positive health choices.

I will help you do this by mentoring and supporting you in the areas of nutrition and wellness every step of the way.

What I can do:

  • Focuses on a functional/holistic approach to health using evidence-based principles for lifestyle and diet.
  • Works with a client achieve health and lifestyle goals
  • Helps to identify roadblocks that may be in the way of a client reaching their goal and staying committed
  • Empower you to take back control on your own health journey by building new habits and facilitating long term change
  • Able to work in conjunction with other health practitioners such as doctors, naturopathic doctors, dieticians, holistic nutritionist, and personal trainers to provide support and accountability with treatment plans
  • Understand and acknowledge the important contribution of other health care providers (both allopathic and holistic) including the need to work co-operatively with the goal of achieving the best possible client outcome
  • Creates action plans that will assist you with your goals for overcoming health challenges, weightless, managing disease and helping to support protocols, healthy eating, exercise routines and overall wellness goals.
  • I understand a one size fit all approach is not effective and instead I will consider the complete health history, emotional state, and lifestyle habits to assist in discovering the root cause of your health issues.
  • Monitor your personal health plan to reinforce participation in the achievement of your health goals
  • Refer you to other health care professional as deemed appropriate

What I Offer:

  • Personalized nutritional counselling (no 'one-size-fits-all')
  • Uses natural nutrition & holistic health approach
  • Creates fully customized meal plans (upon request)
  • Can help with healthy weight management
  • Can help manage stress & adrenal fatigue
  • Provides hormonal imbalance support
  • Assists with blood sugar regulation
  • Supplies valuable tips, guidelines, tools & resources
  • Provides support, encouragement & accountability
  • Delivers exceptional client service


"Our Wellness and Nutrition Coach Can Help You Take Back Control and Empower You to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes"

What To Expect At Your First Session

On the first visit, our Wellness and Nutrition Coach will go through your goals, health history, interests and more to discover the root cause of the struggles you are experiencing. We will dive deep into your daily routines, food that you enjoy and don’t, as well as any items you would like to incorporate into your diet/routine and items that you want to remove. We will look at what brings you joy and what does not. We will come up with goals to strive for and create a tangible/manageable plan to get you there.

Once we have this conversation, we will create a plan that fits well with your goals and lifestyle.

The first visit lasts about 1 hour and includes initial an initial assessment form the intake form provided.

Next Steps

After our initial session and we come with a plan, we will rebook a touch-base session. This can be based on your schedule and what feels best for you, I suggest about 2 weeks. I will also be emailing weekly to check in and keep you accountable on the changes we agreed to during our sessions. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or support. Anything that takes me over 20mintues to complete a charge will be administered.

Meal Plans

I use a program that allows me to create healthy, easy-to-follow, and yummy meal plans that will fit your goals and lifestyle. However, my main goal is to help you create a healthy relationship with food and be able to listen to your body and its needs. I do not believe diets and restrictive meal plans are a sustainable option. Along with the meal plans I will help you to focus on the following items:

  • Eating slowly and mindfully;
  • Tuning into hunger and appetite cues;
  • Planning grocery shopping;
  • Choosing the right items from the store;
  • Storing and preparing food correctly;
  • Avoiding problem foods; and
  • Choosing better options at restaurants…

Grocery Store Visits

I offer 30min grocery store visits to help you navigate the aisles. It is overwhelming and I can help make it more enjoyable. We will go through food labels and how to interpret them. I will help you stay focused on the foods that will provide your body with the most nutrients possible. We will meet at your local store and walk through the aisles together and go through the any questions you may have.