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The Most Unhealthy Thing Society Encourages Us To Do

Have you ever wondered what the most unhealthy thing society encourages us to do is?

Before we get to the answer to this question posed on a recent internet survey, let's take a look at what this question means and what it could have meant if it was answered decades ago.

Society certainly infleunces us to do things that are unhealthy such as eat fast food. However, the question was what does society encourage us to do that is unhealthy?

I think if this question was posed to the society of people who lived in the 50s and 60s, we would say that it would be smoking. Society used to encourage people to smoke, until they discovered just how unhealthy that habit was.

Today the main thing that society encourages us to do that is unhealthy is work. Now this does not mean that going to work is unhealthy, and it certainly is a necessity to go to work. Rather, it is that society encourages us to work long hours to attain things that we don't really need.

There is nothing wrong with hard work or working a long day, but the type of work we do these days for the amount of hours we do it, is placing a huge strain on everyone's health and mental well being.

People are more stressed than ever before, more depressed than ever before and sicker than ever before.

All day long we read on social media how we should "rise and grind" and we are bombarded with ads for new products that we should buy. But what is that really costing us when it comes to our health?

A lot.

More than we will know until we are much older, but we need to find solution to this problem now, so that we can re-focus on ourselves and our health.

The best place to start is your lifestyle. Many people probably don't have to work as hard or as long as they do if they simplify their lifestyle. Take a good hard look at what you have and if you really need it. Also, don't spend money you don't have, because you will only have to work harder or longer to pay it off.

Making these simple adjustments, and being content with you have, will go a long way to better your health and mental well being because you won't feel the need to run the rat race to get the latest iphone.  Instead you can go outside, exercise or just enjoy the company of your family and friends without distractions.

Make 2017 about you, enjoy what you have and remember that your health is your greatest asset, protect it.

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Teri Brantford, ON

I have been for chiropractic treatment many times at Brant Wellness and Rehab. Lanna always gives a warm reception when you arrive, and Dr. Spenser Dougley is a doctor that you know is listening! I have had fantastic results! I couldn’t get out of a chair this morning without excruciating pain. Had a treatment this afternoon and wow, I am moving 10X better

5 stars

Becky St. George, ON

I have been seeing Dr. Spenser for a few years. When I started seeing him I was a mess. I was in constant daily pain that would often land me on the couch with ice packs. My ankles and wrists used to hurt so much, that after going on a class trip with my kids, I would get tons of pain in my feet and ankles for days. And even something as simple as making dinner would hurt my wrists to the point where I wore braces on them just to help the pain. Now I very seldom have ankle or wrist pain since Dr. Spenser has worked on removing my scar tissue in those areas. I also have much less debilitating headaches. We are still working on that area, but have made great progress! I highly recommend seeing him. Chiropractors aren't all about backs! They can help the pain in your joints too!

5 stars

Stephanie Brantford, ON

I love the gentle approach Dr. Spenser takes to his treatments as the typical “snap” and “crack” treatments have never been very comforting to me.

5 stars