What To Expect From A Virtual Appointment: Naturopathic Care

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What To Expect During A virtual Appointment For Naturopathic and Nutrition care

The ongoing pandemic has certainly changed a lot of the ways we used to do things. Many people and industries have realized that moving certain things online can be a useful and effective tool and can actually be more convenient for some people.

Whilst in person health care is still our top priority, there are pros and cons to utilizing telehealth appointments for certain health care providers. Telehealth appointments for Naturopathic care and health and nutrition coaching can be a convenient alternative for some and the care can still be extremely effective.

We continue to offer in person appointments for these services, but wanted to list some pros and cons for telehealth care as it is something we get asked about a lot.

When deciding on virtual v in person appointment, it is important to consider the following pros:
1. Flexibility in scheduling
2. Convenience
3. Saving time from commuting to and from appointments
4. Comfort- the potential that one may feel more comfortable in a familiar setting
5. Technology- skill building using the platform
6. A safe alternative for those who are concerned about going to appointments during the pandemic and want to limit their contacts, or for those who are isolating after being exposed to COVID.

Some cons to consider are:
1.Technology challenges- difficulty with connections, using the software, poor voice/picture quality
2. Privacy – important to have a private space free from other people and distractions
3. Difficulties observing verbal and nonverbal cues
4. Comfort- using a new, potentially unfamiliar medium
5. Attention span using a “screen”

At Brant Wellness and Rehab we are committed to offering our patients a variety of services and options for every comfort level. If you are considering telehealth appointments for your naturopathic or health coaching care, call us to book a free 15 minute consultation with the practitioner where you can discuss what your care would look like and decide if it is the right fit for you.

Spenser Dougley

Spenser Dougley

Dr. Spenser is the owner of Brant Wellness and Rehab. Spenser has been practicing Chiropractic for almost a decade. He enjoys helping people of all ages live a more active lifestyle, free from the constraints of chronic pain. Unlike other Chiropractors, Spenser takes a gentler approach to Chiropractic by using an instrument called an activator to perform his adjustments. This alternative approach requires no twisting or cracking of the joints, so you don’t need to worry about having your “neck cracked” when you come to Brant Wellness and Rehab. Spenser also uses “Functional Range Release” techniques to address specific joint and muscle problems. As a trained Functional Range Release practitioner, Spenser regularly uses this superbly effective technique to treat shoulder pain, neck problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, elbow dysfunction, knee issues, and much more. He particularly enjoys treating patients with Sciatica, as his unique approach has delivered life-changing results for many of his patients. In addition, Spenser loves helping patients with pain management and helping them to avoid taking medication or having surgery.
Spenser Dougley

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