What To Expect

What To Expect During Physiotherapy

First Visit

On your initial visit, our Physiotherapist will perform a thorough health history and examination in order to discover what the cause of your pain or problem is. This exam will consist of questions, tests and other procedures to determine where your problem is coming from, and how to properly address the issues. Once this step is complete, our Physiotherapist will report to you what was found and what techniques he will use to treat you.  Any imaging reports or other test results will also be taken into consideration.  The fist visit lasts about 1 hour and includes the first treatment too.


Our Physiotherapist uses a variety of techniques that are designed to improve function, reduce pain and swelling, restore strength and improve range of motion.  The treatments may include: exercise, mobilization, manual therapy, acupuncture, cupping, ultrasound, electric stimulation and home care advice.


During the course of the recommended treatment plan, our Physiotherapist will perform re-exams in order to understand how much you have progressed and if any changes need to be made to the treatment plan, or to the type of treatment you are receiving. These exams are performed periodically so that he is able to make the best recommendations for you.


Do I need a referral to see a physio?

No, if you feel you would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist you can call anytime to book your appointment.

How long do appointments typically last?

Your first appointment lasts 1 hour and follow up visits last 30 minutes.  During these session you will spend one-on-one time with our Physiotherapist in a private setting.

Can you Direct bill my insurance company?

Yes, we can direct bill most insurance companies and tell you whether or not they will pay the full fee at each visit.  It is always best to check with our front desk staff whether or not your insurance company is one we can bill.  It is also important to check with your insurance company to see if you have coverage for physiotherapy.

I’ve had physiotherapy before and I was left in a room with a machine on and then told to go do my exercises myself.  Is this the type of treatment sessions you provide?

All of our physiotherapy sessions are provided in a private one-on-one setting with a licensed physiotherapist.  He uses a variety of techniques listed above that includes machines, but you are never left alone during the sessions.  Home exercises might be provided to you, but you will receive full instructions on all exercises given to you.

Types of Conditions Treated

– Back Pain

– Neck Pain

– Frozen Shoudler

– Arthritis

– Concussion

– Repetitive Strain injury

– Headaches

– Pelvic Floor Problems

– Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

– Golfers Elbow

– Tennis Elbow

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

– Rotator Cuff Injury

– Sprains and Strains

– Tendinitis

– Whiplash

– TMJ Dysfunction

– Post Surgical Rehab

– Ankle and Foot Pain