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1000s of people just like you are discovering the difference that Chiropractic can make to their life. People of all ages who are having pain and limited mobility are turning to Chiropractors to find solutions to their problems.

Life is too short to be and pain and suffer everyday.  We all have things we want to do and often times pain can strike us at the most inconvenient times.

If you are searching for answers and are tired of popping pain pills or worried that you might need surgery, then seek Chiropractic Care today!

It is never too late to begin a journey to better health.

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Gentle Spinal Adjustments

Dr. Spenser uses an Arthrostim to deliver accurate and effective adjustments. This technique does not involve any twisting or cracking and is performed while the patient is completely relaxed.

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brantford spinal decompression

Spinal Decompression

If you are living with back pain or sciatica, spinal decompression can help!

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Functional Range Release

The new gold standard in manual muscle release techniques used by professional athletic teams.

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Every injury is different, and only a customized rehabilitation program will produce lasting results. Dr. Spenser will use specific exercises to aid your recovery.

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Auto Injury Claims

If you have been hurt in a car, we can help!

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