Chiropractic care is a combination of methods used to treat the spine, muscles and joints of the body. Different Chiropractic methods include hands on manipulations, joint mobilizations, therapeutic muscle techniques, spinal decompression, corrective exercises and other non-surgical modalities. All of these treatment methods are designed to ease pain, improve Range of Motion and aid healing of injuries.

Typically no.

A Chiropractors job is to deliver adjustments, or other treatments, in a way that is both safe and accurate. Sometimes there is local pain at the injured or affected site that the Chiropractor is treating, this is due to inflammation that may be present.

In some cases imaging, such as x-rays are necessary in order to understand more about the patient’s condition or to rule in or out a certain diagnoses. This is considered on case by case basis as each patient is unique. If imaging has been performed recently then the Chiropractor can use that to help aid the diagnostic process.

Your first visit to a Chiropractor will consist of a history and physical exam. The exam may consist of various testing of your joints, muscles and nerves which help aid the diagnostic process and determine where the problem is coming from.

Once this is complete the Chiropractor will explain their findings to you in an easy to understand way. If further testing or imaging is required, then the first treatment will take place at the second visit. If it is not, then you may be treated once the source of the problem is discovered and the treatment methods are explained.

Yes, Chiropractors receive their doctorate of Chiropractic once they graduate an accredited Chiropractic College. They are not medial doctors and do not hold a medical degree.

Chiropractors must complete an undergraduate degree, related to the field, before attending Chiropractic College.

The total cost of seeing a Chiropractor varies depending on the individual needs of each patient. Some people require frequent visits while others do not. Some also require long term care while other problems can be solved in a shorter period of time.

Yes, Chiropractic care is very safe.

Although no manual intervention is completely free from any adverse effects, injuries from Chiropractic treatments are extremely rare.

Our doctor uses an adjusting instrument (activator / arthrostim) to deliver precise adjustments. This eliminates the need for any “twisting” or “cracking” and greatly reduces any discomfort that is sometimes experienced during a more traditional style adjustment.

You will have to check with your individual insurance plan, but most companies cover Chiropractic care.

In some cases they cover 100% and some cases not, but this varies greatly, so it is always wise to call your insurance company to find out.

Our office will provide each individual with a receipt at each visit that they can submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. If you need help submitting your receipts to your insurance company, please ask our staff for help, they will be happy to assist you.