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***COVID – 19 Update***

We are back in the office now to serve all of our valued patients! We are embracing new health measures and office protocols for your safety and peace of mind. 

Welcome to Brant Wellness and Rehab.  Your Brantford Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Clinic.

If you need help finding a solution to pain and stiffness, so that you can remain active and mobile, then you have come to the right place.

We love to help people of all ages overcome their pain so that they can enjoy life again. Our patients come to us looking for a solution so that they can avoid pain pills, their doctors office or surgery.

We offer free 15 minute consultations with our Doctor so you can get all your questions answered before making any commitments.

Discover a Solution Today! 519-304-5007.

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Where does it hurt?

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We offer:

Gentle Chiropractic Technique


No more twisting or cracking.

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brantford spinal decompression table

Spinal Decompression

If you are living with back pain or sciatica, spinal decompression can help!

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Massage Therapy

Relax and unwind.

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One-on-one physiotherapy sessions.

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Recover from injuries

Make your recovery quick and easy.

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Whiplash after care accident

Hurt in a car?

We make the recovery process easy.

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Metagenics Nutritional Products

Genetic potential through nutrition.

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Our Chiropractor, Physiotherapist,
and Massage Therapist, can help.
Call us today 519-304-5007.

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What others are saying about the services at Brant Wellness and Rehab

“I have been for chiropractic treatment many times at Brant Wellness and Rehab. Lanna always gives a warm reception when you arrive, and Dr. Spenser Dougley is a doctor that you know is listening! I have had fantastic results! I couldn’t get out of a chair this morning without excruciating pain. Had a treatment this afternoon and wow, I am moving 10X better!”

Brantford, ON

“I have been seeing Dr. Spenser for a few years. When I started seeing him I was a mess. I was in constant daily pain that would often land me on the couch with ice packs. My ankles and wrists used to hurt so much, that after going on a class trip with my kids, I would get tons of pain in my feet and ankles for days. And even something as simple as making dinner would hurt my wrists to the point where I wore braces on them just to help the pain. Now I very seldom have ankle or wrist pain since Dr. Spenser has worked on removing my scar tissue in those areas. I also have much less debilitating headaches. We are still working on that area, but have made great progress! I highly recommend seeing him. Chiropractors aren’t all about backs! They can help the pain in your joints too!”

St. George, ON

“I love the gentle approach Dr. Spenser takes to his treatments as the typical “snap” and “crack” treatments have never been very comforting to me.”

Brantford, ON

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