Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet the AMAZING Brant Wellness and Rehab TEAM of Health Care Professionals.

We help patients, just like you – with chronic pain or other health problems get their life back. Our talented and straight-talking team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and complementary therapists get you back doing what you love without any unnecessary treatments or unrealistic promises. Instead, we provide straightforward advice, effective treatment, care, and compassion to get you back up and running (or walking) as fast as possible.

So, whether you are young or old, athletic, or just want to be active again, we can help.

Get to know The team by clicking on their photos below:

Dr. Spenser Dougley


Pinjal Suthar


The team at Brant Wellness and Rehab also works with the extensive team at Brant Mental Health Solutions.