Why Does My Back Hurt After Shopping?

This a very busy time of year for everyone, and many people are running around trying to get those last minute Christmas gifts for their special loved ones. But have you ever been left wondering, “why does my back hurt after shopping?”

Some people spend hours at the mall going store to store trying to find that perfect gift.
Then, when they get home, they might notice an ache in their back that can sometimes become quite severe.

I see this type of thing in my office all of the time. People ask me, “why does my back hurt when all I did was go shopping?”

While this seems like an insignificant task, it actually places A LOT OF STRESS on the spine.
The bottom line is that our bodies are not meant to stroll around on concrete floors for hours on end.

They were meant for fast-paced walking across uneven ground. This type of activity activates muscles and requires various joints to work the way they are supposed to. This leads to less stress on the spine and usually no pain or back problems.

So what are you supposed to do now that your back is sore from shopping?

The best cure is prevention. Next year, I would recommend doing smaller shopping trips to one or two stores at a time, that way you can walk briskly and not have to spend too much time on those concrete floors.

However, my best recommendation is to do what I do. Shop online, stay at home, avoid the crowds and exercise.

This way you save time, money and avoid that nagging back pain that could ruin your holiday. This can also be a very stressful time of year for people and avoiding crowds can greatly reduce that. Stress leads to pain and pain leads to a lousy Christmas.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort this time of year, it is never too late to seek the help of a physiotherapist or chiropractor. They will meet with you and help you find a solution to your pain so that it does not interfere with your holiday plans.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dr. Spenser Dougley